Saturday, December 26, 2009

Get an Aussie Phone Number that you can really control

Well its supposed to be the Christmas holidays - and everybody is off work ? we'll we cant keep our team from implementing new things, and we are now pleased to annouce that we have released our incoming call control system and are launching it with Australian phone numbers at only $5.99 a month including unlimited voicemail and complete call control

You can now set "rules" for incoming phone calls in the same way that you can do for emails - you can decide who can call you at what time of day and from what phone number (callerID) - you can even create multiple voicemail profiles that play different messages, and best of all (i think) is we even have a "private callerID rule" that means that when you get called by a private callerID phone number - the system can ask the caller for a PIN - if the PIN is entered correctly the call is connected to your mobile (or office) phone - but if its entered incorrectly the call is sent to a voicemail system and that voicemail is emailed directly to you.

We think this is a really cool way of managing your calls, but its only one of the powerful things you can do with our incoming phone number service.

Check it out!

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