Friday, August 3, 2012

BTCDashboard v2.3 Released

BTCDashboard v2.3 is an important step in what we at BTC see as the future of truly productive enterprise mobility solutions.  After having been in the business now for more than 4 years everybody we talk to has been through the process of deploying MDM tools or their like, and they are now looking for tools that will drive increased productivity and dare we say increased sales in the increasingly mobile enterprise workforce.

BTCDashboard v2.3 does more than just provide a platform for delivering secure rich media content to a mobile workforce - Dashboard lets mobile users take advantage of "organisational intelligence". This level of content awareness and intelligence comes from the ability to allow users to control not just how they view content but to see instantly all the content that has been published, who is using what and how often - and to use that information to affect how they order or structure their view of their content on their own mobile device.

Whats more for corporate users looking to achieve total control over the way their users use content, V2.3 provides the ability to lock content - not just inside the Dashboard secure container, but in the graphical UI - want to have every piece of content exactly in its place? Dashboard 2.3 is right for you. Using the Allow Customisation setting Admins can restrict their users from changing the order of any piece of content - including stopping them from hiding stories.

Dashboard v2.3 also includes a number of amazing new Enterprise level features, like full remote users control (enable, disable, wipe content content container and more), personalisation (dynamically add or change your organisational logo within the BTCDashboard container), enhanced reporting (see who shared what content with who and when it was used) and lots more.

But perhaps one of the most interesting features in Dashboard v2.3 is the ability to deliver and run full animated, multimedia Powerpoint files.  Check out the video here - corporate users who have been working with animated PPT files for years, now have the power to view fully animated PPT presentations that include embedded video, audio and more.  To show you the power of this , we have added a sample animated PPT (thanks to our friends at Microsoft) - just download BTCDashboard from the Apple AppStore, and click on the Animated PPT Story then view the attachment - its powerful stuff!

We are always looking to learn more from you about where you see the future of Enterprise Mobility - so please feel free to contact us anytime to share your ideas.

We hope you enjoy BTCDashboard v2.3.

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