Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cebit and Optus Vision

The big shows are on here in Sydney - BTC is participating at Cebit Sydney 2012 and Optus Vision 2012.

Both events are fantastic - really well put together - and we would love to see you at either event.

At Cebit we are on the NSW Government stand - check out the photo of our Andrew Bentley below

At Optus Vision the team is there manning the booth, but as well as that Optus is using BTCDashboard as the delivery mechanism for content that is being displayed in real time on all the booths - screenshots and a video (yeah its a bit wobbly but you will get the point) below.

A great photo here of the over 1300 people at the first day of Optus Vision, and you can download the Vision app - from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or RIM AppWorld and even check out the HTML5 version - a lucky winner will receive a Samsung Galaxy Note.

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