Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BTCForum 2012 - the wrap-up

Thank you to all the attendees for the BTCForum2012 - held on the 21st Feb at the Swissotel Sydney.

The event was a great success, thanks to the fantastic speakers and guests.

Starting from the Keynote address given by Mr Chuck Goldman - through to the Open Panel - there were some fantastic presentations and lots of lively discussion.

Chuck's stories from his days at Apple were entertaining, and his views of the future of Enterprise Mobility were insightful.  Other great speakers included Denise Carson from UXC was able to share the importance of planning your rollout, and the team from Artis Group who were able to demo live their innovative developments in location based networking for the enterprise.

Special thanks go to Iggy Pintado for both an amazing talk about the impact of social media on enterprise mobility and for his help in organising the event.

Lastly, My Rob Langtry from AWI who presented on the impact of mobility on transforming a global enterprise. Not only engaging and powerful, but brought a tear to the eye of every Aussie in the room to think about the struggles of the local wool producer and a smile to their face thinking about the transformation happening now and the impact of mobility on that change - and also thanks Rob for the great videos - that kept everybody glued to their seats!

Lots was also leaned by the BTC team - including making sure that we get the right room structure for an important event like this and to be sure to include more access to demos and apps running in the break areas.

Lastly a great suggestion about conducting an app contest around the next Forum - great idea!

Thanks again to all for making this first Forum a great success. We are looking forward to bring the Forum to other regions in 2012 and again in 2013

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  1. Some very interesting, entertaining and informative sessions. Thanks BTC!

    Duane Herring
    Product Manager, Enterprise Mobility
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia