Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 BTCDashboard Web Ads Campaign

With 2012 here and enterprise mobility the hot topic for many CIOs and IT mangers, we thought its a good time to start helping those who are in the market for secure content and document delivery systems to find us here at BigTinCan.

To do that we are embarking on a series of web ads that we hope you will enjoy.

Some of the samples are shown here.

We would love your feedback.

Check them out

Layout 1 - 300x250 pxl
Layout 2 - 160x600 pxl
Layout 3 - 336x280 pxl
Layout 4 - 728x90 pxl

We would be very interested in your feedback and comments - its always tricky to get across a powerful technology story in a brief promotional piece - so please bear with us as we move down this part.

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