Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BigTinCan Connect 2.5 Launched

We are pleased to announce that we have released the newest version to our Web site - WebCan v2.5

This new update includes improved performance, better quality phone calls and lots of new features including

  • Incoming Calls: You can now get a phone number in over 40 countries worldwide and connect that number to your mobile phone and even implement advanced call rules, like callerID based routing, time of day call control and multiple voicemail accounts

  • Conference/Group Calling: Sick of having to get people to dial in to a conference call ? Do you want to have a system where the conference call can dial the participants for you? Want the conference call recording emailed to you right after the call is completed? Our new Group Calling feature does that and more ...
All you need to do is login at http://www.bigtincan.com to take advantage of these new features.

If your account was created in 2009 you will need to sign up again to use the new features of WebCan v2.5. Just visit http://www.bigtincan.com/signup.php and re-create your account and you will get 50c FREE CREDIT to try these new features.

Give it a try and post here or on our forum what you think

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