Tuesday, November 17, 2009

VoIP over 3G - finally?

With Google's acquisition of Gizmo5 are we ready to enter the world of VoIP over 3G? Well certainly it would offer great benefits to users in terms of cheaper calls, more powerful features and flexibility

But the question is - are the current 3G networks ready for VoIP! can they deliver the consistently low latency and throughput and constant signal to allow people to move to VoIP over 3G?

We have been running VoIP over 3G on the Android platform for months here in Australia and we can tell you that given a good network connection it works great.

However during our recent trip to San Francisco we really feel that the networks in the USA are not ready for any mass deployment. We found high latency, and signal drops that would cause havoc for VoIP calls.

We then posted a question on our Twitter feed and asked people whether they felt the networks were ready for VoIP over 3G and the feedback we got was NO WAY!

Users do not believe that their carriers are ready in most countries worldwide.

So does that mean VoIP over 3G is a 2011 technology?

Probably not - with the right circumstances, and the continued proliferation of WiFi in major cities, adding VoIP options to callback services like our BigTinCan Connect will make a lot of sense and help people to save lots of money and be more productive. So we can say that we are throwing our hat into the ring for VoIP over 3G integrated to BTC Connect. Look for that early 2010.


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